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Law Enforcement Services

With our wide range of Law Enforcement experience, we've been witness to every facet of human behavior.  And, it would be an honor to share the things we've learned.


More and more of our agencies are being critiqued not only on the mechanics of a Tactical Response, but also if there was a need for a Tactical Response.

Considering the rising costs associated with managing an employees
well-being and the associated public scrutiny, can you afford not to have this training?

Deliberate De-Esclation

Callbox Training is fully committed to engaging in the dialogue associated with the topic of Implicit-Bias and how it may impact the profession of policing.

To our end, we offer training's that are based on the US Constitution, that encourage all parties to inspect their beliefs in an effort to increase the safety of all parties involved.

Understanding Bias

In today's policing environment, evaluating and considering how we perceive, understand and manage emotion, could be the difference between success and a place in the national spotlight.

Our Emotional Intelligence training has been vetted through hundreds of employees and has allowed for numerous individuals to gain self-awareness.

Emotional Intelligence

This course is a guided exploration of the axioms issued by Sir Robert Peel that established the basic rules of modern policing.  

During the course, we cover basic topics such as Ethics and De-Escalation.  But, by using multiple methods of learning and engaging discussions, we also delve into the areas of public perceptions and managing community Withdrawals and Deposits.

Principles of Policing

Ethical Decision making is the cornerstone of Law Enforcement.

Having a workforce that performs in an ethical fashion in accordance with your agency's Mission Statement has never been more important.

During this course, we focus on issues related to Self-Care, the concept of Proportionality and an invaluable evaluation of self-identified values.


As agency heads, Command officers, and line supervisors, we cannot deny that, in today's environment, just about every issue has the potential to be a heavily debated topic within the Law Enforcement community.

With that being said, this is where leadership comes in. 

With a clearly stated reasonable expectations, we can be the premier agencies that our communities expect and deserve.


Remember, even Legally Justified, departmentally appropriate actions, can have catastrophic results if not handled properly.
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