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Tyrone Campbell

Executive Director

Tyrone Campbell is a thirty-year veteran of Law Enforcement, with an extensive teaching and investigative resume that spans from Homicide to Hate Crimes.

With his extensive knowledge of Curriculum Development, Complex Investigations, Communication, and Bias, Mr. Campbell was a natural fit for positions at multiple Law Enforcement Training Academies.

For the past seven years, Mr. Campbell has been leading training and facilitation for community leaders, veteran police officers, and new-hires for multiple Law Enforcement agencies in regard to the topics of Biased-Policing, De-Escalation, Ethics and Communication.
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Our History


In 2017, after spending a countless number of hours conducting trainings for various Law Enforcement agencies and interested community groups, there came a point where we couldn't reasonably accommodate all of the training requests without impacting out families.
For that reason, Callbox was created.
Why are we named Callbox?
Call Boxes were introduced by the Gamewell Company of Newton, MA, in the 1880s and revolutionized Communication.

They were heavily utilized by emergency services to relate valuable information.

It wasn't until the 1930's that the first rollout of mobile police radios began.

Which meant that for almost 50 years, the “Best Practices” approach to emergency communication services was the call box.

At Callbox Training, we honor this technology and recognize its historical significance but, we understand that in today's environment conversations and concerns move at a much faster pace.

For that reason, our acknowledgment of the past, fuels our vision of "Training today for the conversations and controversies of tomorrow."





Our Commitment


It is the policy of Callbox Training LLC. to employ highly qualified instructors backed by years of knowledge and classroom instruction time who support our programs and philosophy in pursuit of training excellence.


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