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Community Services

The mindset, understanding and commitment to Community Involvement, as it relates to Law Enforcement, has never been more paramount. 


However, having a seat at the table and getting buy-in for your ideas are completely separate concepts.


As a community, the topic of Implicit Bias correlates with the ideas of constitutional freedom and a right to be treated fairly.

The truth is that these concepts fall into two very different categories.

On one hand you have ... how a person is contacted or taken into care, custody or control.

On the other hand, you have ... how a person is treated once they are contacted.

In many instances, our agencies are only discussing one side of the discussion. 

Or, they are focusing on the legality of a contact and negating the communities concerns of "Why" the contact occurred in the first place.

At Callbox Training, we are fully committed to engaging in the dialogue and training effort associated with Bias.

Unconscious Bias

Let be honest ... Some things are just fun to discuss and work on.

For that reason, Callbox training is proud to present a course dedicated to the art of communication.

Have you ever watched a news story and immediately knew that the "grieving" family member was not telling the whole story?

Are you wondering why you roll your eyes when someone boasts about their weekend?

Have you ever "just knew" that your kids were leaving out key details?

Well ... lets do some team building and talk about the art of communication.

On second thought, don't take these tools home ... Yeah, definitely don't do this at home.

Persuasive Communication

It cannot be ignored that in recent years, there has been an ongoing discussion in regard to what we, as a society, want from Law Enforcement.
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