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At Callbox we thrive on generating and adapting creative, personalized services for a diverse clientele.


Deliberate De-Esclation

Understanding Bias

Emotional Intelligence

We never imagined that our sessions related to Deliberate De-Escalation would be so popular with our corporate clients. 

But, it's not surprising when you consider the rising costs associated with managing an employee's well-being and the associated public scrutiny.

Can your agency afford not to be engaged in this frank discussion?

Callbox is fully committed to engaging in the dialogue and training effort associated with the topic of Implicit-Bias.

We welcome and encourage all agencies to examining their policies, training methods and culture.

To our end, we offering trainings based on premise of Inclusion and Social Power.

Our trainings are designed to motivate all involved parties to inspect their beliefs in an effort to increase a culture of Inclusivity.

The premise of Emotional Intelligence has been around since the 30’s, when it was described as Social Intelligence and the topic could not be more relevant.

In today's business climate, evaluating and considering an employee's actions or inaction in regard to how they, perceive, understand, and manage emotion, could be the difference between success and the national spotlight.


Persuasive Communication

Internal Investigations

Increasingly companies are understanding that they need to be adept in managing situations, reading people and possessing the ability to use language as a tool as opposed to a weapon.

In today's social media driven environment, it is more important than ever to have our employees possess communication tools and remain focused on the goals of an encounter.

Our Persuasive Communication training focuses on how we communicate and provides tools to aid in achieving compliance for situations both internally and externally.

With decades of complex investigative experience, our investigators welcome the opportunity to utilize their skill set to aid you in conducting employee interviews and merchandise recovery.

While there are obvious benefits to training new employees, investing in your existing workforce can help strengthen company culture, improve productivity, raise financial performance and increase brand loyalty.
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